Volunteer registration openning soon.

You may not be able to ride in Hero MTB Shimla for several pressing issues. But you can still be part of the experience by signing up for our Internship programs or our volunteer programs. Interns are hired for a minimum of 2 months. Volunteer positions are open during the events.

MTB Shimla provides volunteers the tremendous amount of exposure that will be a big asset in their professional life. Volunteers learn the nuances of teamwork, time management, and people management. MTB Shimla is a professionally run event which carries with it, a huge brand name and will definitely distinguish you from the crowd. MTB Shimla is a unique opportunity to meet really interesting people from all over the world. Also, you get to check out some stunning locations and extreme MTB action.   Volunteers/Interns in the media team receive more exposure of managing media of one of the biggest cycling events in India. Your pictures and video work are showcased across India through various forums and partners. Many a sports photographers and video makers have started their journey here.


Although all our events are an overdose of adventure, adrenalin, and fun, we expect our volunteers to work very hard at the event. Your efforts and seriousness are paramount to the success of the events. Please see that this is a hardcore outdoor event, where you will not have the luxuries and amenities of urban lifestyle.

We are looking for Interns/volunteers to assist us in the following departments


Supplies Management
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Management
Office Management
Recce and Route Design


Media management
Feed Zone management
Race Marshals
Rider Communications

For internship program, Please mail us your  details at info@hastpa.org . We will get back to you soon.