Recce – 4th UT MTB Shimla 2015

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MTB Shimla
 February 17, 2015

On a day before when the team was discussing the strategy of the route for our beloved little 2 day weekend race – UT MTB Shimla, nothing seemed to be coming out clearly. This is the situation that comes every time while finalizing the route. A route can never be planned while sitting on a sofa and discussing the Ins & Outs. So , leaving all discussions on the sofa, our team got into the wilderness the next day. We successfully could come up with a very very beautiful 3.5 Km single track through the Shimla hills. Who wouldn’t love to ride it, we thought ? We bet it is going to be a ride full of fun. This track is an another addition to our ever-growing repository of mountain bike trails & tracks throughout Himachal. Here are some beautiful pictures from the day. Enjoy & dream how would you feel riding over here 🙂

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