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MTB Shimla
 February 20, 2014

5 days into cycling and bang, there was my first crash but with that crash my enthusiasm for mountain biking just got hungrier than ever before. All Credit goes to Mtb Shimla. I don’t know if it was my luck or destiny that i participated in mtb Shimla 2013 just after 4 days of buying my first MTB. It changed the whole world for me, never saw so many good mountain bikers at a single place before. The day was April 4th, the registration day ,ohh the scene there was beautiful. Mountain bikes of different shapes and sizes, enduros, hartails, full suspension, everything was there in the scene as if it was beautifully painted. the officials nd the registration teams were quite friendly and open. With all the procedure done we were alloted cool outdoor tents at the lovely Potters Hill Campsite for the night. Next came the day of the flag off. Everyone got up early and started their pre race bike maintenance, soon we were provided with yummy and ride essential/friendly breakfast. The race started with a mass start at abou 8:30-9’ish in the morning. All set nd pumped, everyone trying to ace their way up from potters Hill and soon we entered a single track which was damn fun. Then we went from some local roads to a place near shoghi and did some cool downhill & body breaking uphill. The scenario in that uphill and downhill section was very country type as we crossed some paddy fields in the villages. We soon climbed upto the small place called shoghi . 3 kms from shoghi was lunch waiting for us. Tasty Lunch filled the lost energy and we set our course for our first competitive downhill section till Sadhupul, Fromsadhupul was the second stage till a town hidden in the trees of deodar, Chail. the climb from Sadhupul till chail was as i call it, Bitch. ut everyone loved the view and the vew of the hills, fresh air from deodar trees was what kept us all going. The day ended well and we all checked into our respected hotels. Soon the officials gathered at the time of nacks and Bon fire with the results of day 1. everyone curiously heard their day timing , had dinner and went to their beds to get some rest after such a long day.

MTB Himalaya 2013

Day 2 of race and i had to see to many things for a day. Everyone up early and bike maintenance was on the full throttle. brekfastfolloed by briefing and then final flag off, we left chailnd to a place where our first competitive section had to start. Adrenaline all pumped, eyes on the trail, with the whistle i flew down the track. I think my flying license expired after 5 kmsnd had my first fall of the day into the bushes. Got up and saddled up to go again i drifted, swifted, slid around the corners, splashes in the puddles, Pure adrenaline rush nd my rear tyre tube burst . I was on the ground with a bad injury to my shoulder and leg, riders passing me by, asking if i was alright? tried to fix the tube but nothing was wotking, one rider came from behind and gave me his tube, i had already lost a lot of time in this tbe thing but still i was motivatd enough to complete the race and didn’t sit in the support vehicle. But to my luck the air pump was unable to fill air ith tube. i had to walk my way down to the finish, as i was too late so my time wa not counted. At the end of first section i got a pump nd got my cycle back to running condition. From sadhupul it was a steep and long uphill till shimla but agai to my luck my front tyre got 2 punctures at the same time 9km’s prior to the finish. In agony of the pain in my shoulder i ate a painkiller and rode till the finish with a flat front tyre. I did It, Yes i did it. It was the best feeling of the worls as if u had no past, no future but only the present to enjoy your accomplishment. so what if idin’t get a good finishing time, the thing that matters is that i did finish the race irrespectve of the conditions. Will power is all that keeps u motivated. If it hadn’t been that day, iWouldn’t have had taken mountain biing seriously and wouldn’t be a good if not professiona mountain biker at this time. here in the himalayas it is not about winning or competing but all that matters is participating and completing. Ride Hard but safe. It itself is a big thing if one completes the race, i’ll say that it is out of the world xperience out


  1. Samir |

    Very well described. Pleasure reading your thoughts 🙂

  2. samriti bhatti |

    awesome description of the whole event…your hardwork and enthusiasm finally paid off…well done n besties for the future…:)

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